B & M 75 Series Combo

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An additional protection fee of $9.95 will be added to any order that includes a fishing pole. For any questions or concerns please call us at (870)946-0168.

The 75 Series Combo is a 7.5ft/1pc construction pole for true action and strength.  Includes high modulus graphite (our secret recipe) for extreme strength, sensitivity, and castability.  The 75 Series is perfectly balanced and has high quality, gold alloy guides (7+tip), and a Genuine Portuguese cork knob handle.  This pole looks just as great as it feels with its outstanding aesthetics: Diamond White (75 years), Gold (50 years), and Silver (25 years).


This combo features the all-new 75 Reel.  A 7+1 BB reel with a 4.9:1 gear ratio.  The 75 Reel also has a reversible handle for right- or left-hand retrieve.