Luxpro Mini Rugged 150 Lumen LED Lantern

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The LUXPRO mini rugged LED lantern with TackGrip is durable and tough. This lantern is bright with 2 powerful broadbeam LEDs providing a lumen output of 150 lumens on high, 45 lumens on medium, and 7 lumens on ultra-low. You can access the modes easily with the on/off button. To access strobe mode, press the on/off button for approximately 3 seconds. You can exit strobe by simply pressing the button once. This lantern features a green battery conditioning light which aids in the prevention of battery corrosion. It is made durable with TackGrip, a protective rubber armor that is molded directly to the light. TackGrip is a feature exclusive to LUXPRO. The rubberized metal handle is comfortable to hold and grips easily to hooks and branches for convenient hanging. This lantern runs on 3 AA batteries and has a limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects. (Batteries are included)
 7 lumens on ultra-low to 150 lumens on high
 2 broadbeam LEDs 
 TackGrip, molded directly to the lantern
 90-hour runtime on ultra-low
 IPX4 waterproof rating
 Rubberized metal handle