Buck Gardner C3 Double Reed Duck Call

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A versatile, all purpose call with comfortable, easy-to-control design, the Buck Gardner C3 Double Reed Duck Call gives duck hunters a great volume range with pure, crisp tone. Featuring an all-new hand-sanded J-frame toneboard and barrel, this double reed duck machine gives callers wide-ranging volume and tone in the blind. Made of a durable polycarbonate, this call features Buck Gardner's new soft-to-the-touch C3 Coating Technology™ to enhance grip and control. Unique shape conforms to hand for comfortable operation. Non-reflective matte finish. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.

  • All purpose duck call with wide-ranging volume and tone
  • Great volume range with pure, crisp tone
  • Hand-sanded J-frame toneboard
  • Double reed
  • Durable polycarbonate construction with C3 exterior coating - enhanced grip and control
  • Unique shape for comfortable operation