Biologic Final Forage Late Season Deer Food Plot Seed 3 Pound

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Have you ever needed a blend that would be attractive early in archery season but also still providing food in the latest part of the gun season? BioLogic?s Final Forage was designed to do just that. Final Forage combines varieties that deer love early in the fall, as well as cold tolerant tops and bulbs that are still available when the snow begins to fall. Final Forage is a unique mix of radish, rape, and turnip varieties that have been the backbone of numerous other BioLogic products. Ideal for plots tucked away in the timber or inside corners of agriculture fields, Final Forage can produce massive amounts of forage that will provide food late into the season.

- Heavy forage producing blend designed for early, mid, and late seasonattraction.
- Fast germinating and high visibility seed with new Nitro Coat seedcoating
- Early root development and plant vigor with fertilizer enhanced NitroCoat
- Proven varieties of Biologic brassicas
- Radish tubers & turnip bulbs for the late season
- Compatible with Weed Reaper herbicide