Fishlab Tackle Bio Blade Colorado Spinnerbait 1/2 OZ

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When it comes to spinnerbaits, the choice between a Colorado style and a Willow style can make all the difference on the water. A Colorado style spinnerbait features a wider, rounded blade that generates maximum water displacement and creates a strong vibration. This makes it an excellent choice for murky or stained water conditions, as the heightened vibration and slower retrieval speed can attract fish even in low visibility. On the other hand, a Willow style spinnerbait showcases a sleeker, narrower blade that spins rapidly and creates intense flashes of light. This design is perfect for clear water scenarios, as the fast-paced rotation and increased flash mimic the movements of smaller baitfish, enticing predatory fish to strike.


The 3.5” Bio-Blade Willow Spinnerbait and Bio-Blade Colorado Spinnerbait are both available in two sizes, 3/8 oz and ½ oz, providing anglers with versatility to match their preferred fishing conditions and target species. Available in seven lifelike and classic colors, the Bio-Blade Spinnerbait series is constructed with high-quality wire and blades. These spinnerbaits feature a big, thumping action and ensure durability and exceptional performance. Their hand-tied skirts add a lifelike element to the lures, captivating fish with irresistible movement.

  • Available in ½ oz size.
  • Constructed with high quality wire and blades
  • Baits feature a hand tied skirt.
  • Specially designed shad shaped head cuts through timber and grass without hanging up.
  • Comes equipped with a BBZ Mimic Tail trailer for added realism.
  • Baits feature six tournament winning colors for stained to dirty water.