FoxPro Shockwave Electronic Predator Call

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The Shockwave electronic predator call from FoxPro is an innovation piece of equipment no serious predator hunter should be without. The Shockwave housing contains 4 speakers (2 horn, 2 tweeters) that can adjusted to different positions for different sound simulations. Two external speaker jacks allow you to add even more power to your caller. An auxiliary jack comes standard on the Shockwave and is perfect for attaching approved devices, such as a Jack Predator Decoy and a charge jack. The Shockwave comes with 100 high-quality digital sounds and can hold up to 1,000 total. The easy to use remote can operate the the Shockwave from 100+ yards away. The TX1000 Transmitter features a full color LCD screen, barometer indicator, moon phase indicator, temperature indicator, battery level indicator, timer and FOXBANG technology.

FOXBANG technology follows up any shot from your gun by playing your preset number 1 call. This allows for more shots on multiple targets. FOXMOTION technology simulates moving prey by fading sounds from left speaker to right speaker, while FOXFUSION allows you to mix and match any two sounds, for customized calling sequences. FOXDATA records real-time data about your hunt (barometric pressure, temperature, moon phase, stand duration and shot time). This allows you to try to predict predator patterns in similar situations.

  • Four speaker system
  • 100 preloaded sounds
  • 2 external speaker jacks