Googan Squad Bumper

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The Googan Squad Bumper is a double Colorado-bladed spinnerbait designed to thrive in cold and dirty water, but is also a key lure for night fishing or a deeper summer bite when searching for reaction strikes. When the waters cold, bass generally don't want to chase food very far. This bait can be reeled in at slower speeds than a willow-bladed spinnerbait to provide bass with the right presentation. Stained or dirty waters provide a similar scenario: When bass can't see far, they use their lateral line to sense whats around them. This heavy thumping spinnerbait sends a vibration through the water that allow bass to key in and strike. Tie you on a Bumper Spinnerbait when the big girls are chilly or hunting in low visibility and reel her in slow-n-steady to entice mondo bites.  

  • The Bumper has a hand-tied skirt
  • Sticky Sharp Mustad hook and double trailer keeper for soft plastic trailers
  • To help prevent line slippage, the Bumper also features a pre-rigged rubber knot stopper to keep your line from sneaking down the wire of the bait.