Grim Reaper 100gr Pro Series 2 Blade Crossbow Broadhead

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Designed specifically for high-speed crossbows. Tested field point accurate at speeds over 400 fps to 100 yards. Comes with our newest Pro Tip.  Blades stay closed even at fast speeds. Produces devastating holes. "WATCH 'EM DROP"!

The Grim Reaper 2 Blade 100 Grain Pro Series Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead is a game-changer in crossbow hunting. With its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, this broadhead is built to deliver exceptional performance. The two razor-sharp blades provide a devastating 2" cutting diameter upon deployment, ensuring massive wound channels and increased lethality. The 100-grain weight ensures optimal balance and flight characteristics, allowing for accurate shots and consistent performance. Its mechanical design ensures reliable and consistent blade deployment upon impact, maximizing the broadhead's effectiveness. Whether you're hunting small game or pursuing larger targets, the Grim Reaper 2 Blade 100 Grain Pro Series Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead is a reliable choice that guarantees devastating results.


  • 100-grain weight for optimal balance and flight characteristics.
  • Two razor-sharp blades for maximum cutting efficiency.
  • 2" cutting diameter for devastating wound channels.
  • Designed specifically for crossbow use.
  • Extreme accuracy and consistency.
  • Tough and durable construction for reliable performance.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Engineered for high-speed crossbows.
  • Reliable blade deployment upon impact.
  • Compatible with a wide range of crossbow bolts.