Grizzly Blind With 8Ft Tower

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Easy to transport and forklift-ready, every USA-made 6’x6’, 8-sided GRIZZLY HUNTING BLIND is rotomolded with flawless, one-piece, durable construction to keep you hidden, and protect you from the element to boot. The construction method, along with the double gasket-sealed windows, helps eliminate human scent from leaving the blind when the windows are closed.

The GRIZZLY HUNTING BLIND is designed to give rifle hunters full field-of-view shooting opportunities with three (3) large horizontal windows (12” W x 31” H). We’ve got bowhunters covered too, with five (5) vertical windows (31” W x 12” H) to maximize shooting angles. No buck will come into range without the GRIZZLY HUNTING BLIND giving you shot opportunities — regardless of how you hunt.

Every window in the GRIZZLY HUNTING BLIND features a friction-hinge system for silent, one-handed opening. And they’ll stay open without clamps, locking mechanisms, or hassle. Hunting in the GRIZZLY® HUNTING BLIND lets you focus on the shot when it matters most — not on the window.