Barnett Headhunter 20" Lighted Arrows 3 Pack

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Barnett's popular HeadHunter arrows just got an upgrade with innovative strobing lighted nocks. These rugged polycarbonate half-moon nocks feature multicolored strobing lights, tested to outperform static lights when identifying shot location and retrieving arrows in lowlight conditions. The arrows use a pressure-sensitive design to begin strobing on impact, and they'll continue strobing for up to three days. When not in use, easily disable the strobe lights with an on/off toggle switch at each arrow's nock base. No assembly required " begin using the HeadHunter 20" Lighted Arrows straight out of the box. Includes three arrows per pack.


  • For use with any crossbows compatible with standard-diameter crossbow bolts supporting half-moon nocks
  • 13.78 grains per inch
  • Fully assembled with multicolor strobing lighted nocks
  • Tested for durability
  • Continues strobing for up to 3 days
  • Easy on/off toggle switch in nock base
  • 20-inch arrows (also available in 22-inch length)
  • Three arrows per pack