AMS Bowfishing The Hooligan 24-50# Right Hand

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Put the hammer down with this no-let-off, dual cam bow. It's built for bowfishing, not re-purposed like other bows. Features AMS RAP (Rapid Adjustment Posts) Cam System and requires no bow press to adjust. Can be quickly customized to any shooter.

Smooth Draw The Hooligan is as smooth drawing and as lightweight as they come and with the RAP (Rapid Adjustment Posts) Cam System this bow really packs a punch! RAP cams feature Rapid Adjustment Posts at 40# and 50# and unique no-let-off system affords perfect draw force curve at optimal efficiency/power at any draw weight. It offers a 24-50 pound draw weight and a 32" max draw length.

Simple to Adjust Adjustable with a single tool and no bow press needed to adjust or swap bowstrings.

Just Plain Cool with its bright orange Kryptek Inferno camo accents and powder coated aluminum riser, this bow is a "Gotta Have" for every bowfisher!

  • Aluminum riser and fiberglass limb
  • Lightweight with smooth draw operation
  • Rapid Adjustment Post (RAP) cam system can be quickly customized
  • Simple to adjust with a single tool
  • Bright orange Kryptek Inferno camo accents
  • Right Hand