Latitude Outdoors Method 2 Saddle

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Features of the Method 2 Tree Saddle:

  • Two-panel Design: Minimizes unnecessary bulk, highly adjustable, and promotes silent, unrestricted movement
  • Quick-Connect System: Can be instantly attached/detached in complete darkness; simply raise the lower panel towards your waistline and is will silently “jump” into the proper position where it will remain firmly affixed for a full range of unrestricted movement
  • Dynamic Weight Distribution: Provides enhanced support where your body needs it by optimizing how weight is distributed between the top and bottom panels for the complete elimination of the common “hip pinch” dilemma, less fidgeting, and greater lower back support
  • Contoured Vertical Support Skeleton (VSS): Provides vertical rigidity to prevent fabric bunching and delivers better overall weight distribution. The VSS system also utilizes angled structural elements to follow your body’s natural contours while in the tree, and provides a level of comfort similar to the supportive seats found in high end tree stands
  • Removable Leg Straps: Can be tucked away while hiking to your hunting spot and easily attached via custom G-Hooks
  • Fade Loops: Made from 4000 lb webbing and use military grade 1000D cordura fabric for extra abrasion resistance
  • Free-Floating Belt Design: Patent Pending design is built into a channel within the structure of the saddle so that you can place the knot and saddle wherever you prefer to optimize comfort while hiking
  • Metal Free Belt Construction: Instead of metal belt buckles, the Method 2 uses a load rated adjustable climbing knot and a patent-pending rope belt design which is superior in strength to traditional belt buckles, reduces the weight of the saddle, is more adjustable, and is completely silent