MR CRAPPIE Shadpole Curlytail

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When you design something that is great at what it does, your next step is always how to expand upon it. That is exactly what happened when we introduced the Mr. Crappie Shadpole. Well, the next step in the evolution of that great bait is here with the all new Shadpole CT! "We knew we had an instant hit on our hands when we came out with the Shadpole," says Wally Marshall, also known as Mr. Crappie. "It has an awesome profile and action that drives crappie crazy! We immediately started testing other versions of it and the new Shadpole CT has produced incredible results." CT stands for curly tail which is the most prevalent feature of this bait. "The exaggerated curly tail is turned up, which allows for incredible action at the very slowest speeds. The Shadpole CT has the profile and swimming action of a threadfin shad, which is one the favorite meals of a big ole' slab crappie."