Scentcrusher Ozone Base Camp Generator

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Heavy duty, battery operated ozone generator provides long effective run times between charges, so you can treat the entire base camp area with ozone when you're out in the field. Specially designed to utilize ozone without the use of an antibacterial / anti fungal agent, which can lessen the severity of odors. Nickel plated steel with a powder coat finish, a/battery pack and two ozone charging stations provide a comprehensive ozone delivery system for treating the entire base camp area. Scent Crusher Base Camp uses ozone from a power source that is clean and safe for people and pets. When you are unable to recharge the generator, it can be stowed in a carrying bag for when you are out of town. Compact and easy to use, clean and simple to refill. Easy and safe to use so you can treat an area the size of Montana with ozone. Order your Scent Crusher generator refills here.image