Papa's Memphis Grill Pellets



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This item is available for purchase in-store only. Please give us a call at (870)946-0347 for more information.
  • HARDWOOD GRILLING PELLETS: 20 pounds of delicious wood pellets for grilling and barbecuing bring a smoky, savory flavor to all your favorite meats
  • MEMPHIS BARBECUE: Delicious, Memphis-style taste to your meals, best suited to barbecuing and smoking; Blend of apple, cherry, hickory, and oak
  • NATURAL HARDWOOD: Made of flavorful, 100-percent all-natural hardwood pellets that guarantee flavor; Bag contains 20 pounds of smoking pellets
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Cook with the same great flavor as a top-tier restaurant or smokehouse using the delicious flavor provided by the pellets
  • DISCLAIMER: Burns in all suitable pellet grill appliances; Must be burned inside an appliance designed for wood pellet grilling and smoking