Spider Web Holster

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The Allen Spiderweb Holster is an ambidextrous holster designed as the perfect in-the-pocket conceal carry holster.  The tacky spiderweb pattern grips to keep your holster securely in your pocket while still allowing you to quickly and freely remove your firearm to defend.

Models are available to fit sub-compact semi-automatic handguns with or without lasers, as well as 2″ barrel revolvers (see fit chart tab). Fits right- and left-hand.


  • Proprietary spiderweb exterior sticky pocket texture
  • Slick lining for easy gun removal
  • Ambidextrous, fits right- or left-handed shooters
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to fit most popular concealed carry handguns (see fit chart tab for more info)
Holster Size
Barrel Length
Frame Size
Gun Type
44902 00 2” to 3”   Revolvers
44901 01 3” to 4” Medium Semi-Automatics
44904 04   Small Ruger LCP, .380s
44905 05     Ruger SR9C, Glock 26 & 27
44907 07     Glock 30 & 38, Springfield Compact
44909 09     Walther PPK, Bersa .380
44910 10     S&W Shield with Laser, Single Stack 9mm
44911 11     Ruger LC9, Compact 9mm
44912 12     .380s with Laser