Cupped Greenwing Teal Decoys 6 Pack

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EARLY SEASON is better spent chasing TEAL! The spread has just changed with the introduction of our ALL-NEW TEAL by Cupped Waterfowl™. Built out of necessity, we wanted to bring realism to your spread and mimic the detail and character of the birds that we set our sights on. With a durable, self-sealing design, we built these decoys to be better, withstand the elements and last for seasons to come. PLUS, you won’t have to take a second mortgage out on your house!!
  • Character and Design that Mimics the Wild TEAL. 
  • Self-Sealing Design
  • Each Outfitted with a Weighted Keel 
  • Superior Durability for Years of Use 
  • Includes: (3) Drake Teal, (3) Hen Teal
  • Specs: Weight(.40 LBS), Width(10”), Depth(4”), Height(7”)