Petsafe Sportsmen Nobbly Nubbly

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The durable Sportsmen Nobbly Nubbly, in blaze orange, gives your dog multiple treat options for longer lasting playtime. Your dog can chew on the heavy-duty nylon nobs or the softer, compressible rubber center. Attach Busy Buddy treat rings to the toy or fill the grooves with your dog’s favorite spreadable treat, such as peanut butter or cheese. The toy is made of durable nylon and vanilla-scented rubber. Perfect for dogs who like to chew, the Nobbly Nubbly rewards your dog for appropriate chewing with his favorite treat. New chicken-flavored dental support treats are made in the U.S.A. and help clean teeth and freshen breath.
  • Durable nylon knobs on both ends

  • Compressible rubber center lined with nubs and grooves

  • Grooves can be filled with soft, smearable treats

  • Includes 4 Busy Buddy natural rawhide treat ring refills

  • Additional treat ring refills available separately

  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only