Moeller Ultra Gas Tank 6.5 Gallon Without Gauge

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  • Moeller's line of EPA/CARB compliant portable fuel tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. Advanced manufacturing techniques provide the highest quality product components available and meet the new "low permeation" standards put in place by the EPA/CARB regulations effective 1/1/2011. All the portable tanks 12 gallon and under meet current United States Coast Guard, and ABYC Standards
  • 2 stage self-venting cap that meets EPA and CARB Permeation Requirements
  • Designed for easy and stable storage, even in tight places
  • A reserve fuel area is designed right into the tank by means of a partitioned bottom. When the gauge registers empty, simply tilt the tank and the reserve fuel supply becomes available
  • Ultra6 Gallon tanks are equipped with the 90-degree fuel withdrawal assembly, reducing fuel line kinks by rotating 360-degrees.


Height: 10"
Weight: 7 lbs
Volume: 6.5 Gal
Length: 21.25"
Width: 13.50