Qad Ultrarest Hunter Arrow Rest Right Hand

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The QAD UTRALREST is a drop away rest for the hunter looking for a quality drop away arrow rest. Just load the arrow and rest assured that when you're ready to take your shot your arrow will be ready too. The UTRALREST keeps your arrow contained until you fire, if you slow let down the arrow remains captured. Only when an arrow is fired does the rest drop and release the arrow. And once fired the rest and in the drop away position it is captured to prevent rebound and avoids touching the arrow or fletching. Made with anti-vibration technology and a laser cut felt pad to provide a silent draw. Easy to install with a small lightweight clamp that makes it as easy to install as it is to use.

Specifications and Features:
  • Vertical, horizontal and overdraw adjustments
  • Velocity Drop-Away Technology
  • Total Arrow Containment
  • Capture at 80 degrees
  • Always Ready To Shoot
  • Full Draw at 90 degrees
  • Total Fletching Clearance
  • Drop Away goes to 0 degrees
  • Lock Down Technology
  • Anti Vibration Technology
  • Ez Clamp Technology
  • Color: Black