Weston External Vacuum Packaging Machine

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This vacuum packaging machine has a 110W motor that operates at 22.5" HG strength to remove the air from the vacuum packaging bags. It also has an 11 1/2" seal bar to seal the ends of the bags, locking in the freshness and flavor of your food. The easy-to-use controls for vacuum pressure and duration also make it simple for any user to operate this machine in combination with the versatility to package a multitude of foods.

Its roll storage compartment can store a roll of bags for convenient use, while the built-in cutter allows you to portion off your desired length and use only what you need. This machine comes with (6) 1 qt. bags, (4) 1 gallon bags, and (1) 11" x 20' roll. It also has an accessory port that lets you seal vacuum canisters.