World Famous Sports The Hut Hunting Blind

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The Hut Blind WFS Hexagon Hub hunting blind has a large interior, with a 5-sided shape this allows for a comfortable group hunt with a footprint of 41.5 square feet, which is 70% greater than a comparable 4-sided blind. The shape of the hexagon also creates unrivaled viewing from the blind with panoramic windows. The hexagon is equipped with a durable framework with thicker, stiffer poles and strong hubs. The windows dip low for easy sight lines while seated and the middle windows have shoot-through holes to provide multiple shooting options.
  • 6-sided design creates 70% more room than a comparable 4-sided blind but sets up just as easy
  • Low profile windows offer more shooting options
  • Replaceable shoot-through mesh for broadhead use and ports for firearm hunting
  • Durable framework with 10mm fiberglass poles and lightweight die-cast aluminum hubs
  • Water-resistant, tightly-woven, HD 150 denier fabric with a black interior coating
  • Rear peek windows for additional viewing
  • Includes backpack carry bag, ground stakes and tie-down ropes
  • Crater™ Core Camo