Eagle Claw Worm Weight Sinkers

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  • The Eagle Claw Worm Weight Sinker is a cone-shaped lead weight to put on your line above the hook and bait for Texas Rigging.
  • These worm weights are unpainted lead--no finish.
  • No frills lead worm weights. Not as compact as tungsten.
  • Be sure to check the Discount Tackle rigging guide if you need help with the Texas Rig.
  • Check out the available options to see the unit count per pack.

The Eagle Claw Worm Weight Sinker comes in several different sizes to add weight to your Texas-rigged Gary Yamamoto Senko, Z-Man ZinkerZ, Berkley Power Worm, or whatever soft plastic worm you want to throw. These also excel with Texas rigging creature baits and craws.